Ladies and gentlemen…

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers a course that rolls over a few quarters. We work on a student proposed game and actually work on it. This sessions game is called “Destruction Grand Prix.” It is a futuristic blood-sport racing game. It is a sweet blend of Death Race and Mario Kart. I am on the Character and Vehicle Team. Specifically I am in charge of the modeling and import process of the light vehicle. Here are a few shots of what I’ve got so far. Ive already go it into the Unreal Game Engine. The next step s to get it running with the Medium and the Heavy. Im super excited. To find out more about the game and the course progress, go to the Game Production Team and Destruction Grand Prix Blog.


2 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen…

  1. This is looking very nice so far Shawn! I especially like the side few, that front end is looking sharp (literally and figuratively). I can imagine all the wires and fiddly bits running between the larger pieces for the final model. Can’t wait until we can drive it around!

    1. The side view is my favorite. I don’t know if we will be doing anymore of the modeling this quarter, but I’ve already looked into stuff Id like to see normal mapped on there. like this:

      I also talked to Max about making the center some kind of a turbine or jet intake since it has that big hole anyway.

      The medium you designed had a giant screw (for lack of a better description) going through the center. I mimicked this design choice to hint at some kind of uniformity between the vehicle design.

      We should have all 3 vehicles in the play-test next week for sure. Total moral boost for everyone.

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