Rip Cosmos of the 21st Century!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately.
I’ve been working on stuff for finals and giving the site a total overhaul.
Speaking of finals, here is the finished version of rip.
Designed, Modeled, Skinned, Unwrapped, Textured, and Imported by your truly.

Skinning has never been my forte, as you can see here.
I also ran into a snag when trying to unwrap his head because i had the helmet attached and i couldn’t really see what i was doing.
I also wasn’t sure how visible his head was going to be under the helmet, but i got it working thanks to an opacity map.
Unknown to me, you can use shades of grey in opacity maps to convey translucency.
It does not have to be just black and white values for what is visible and what is not.

Along with the render, I’m also throwing up the texture maps I used so you can better see what exactly I did


2 thoughts on “Rip Cosmos of the 21st Century!

    1. Yeah. I do that a lot. It grey ghosts the whole mesh.
      However in the unwrap, it was a bit goofy because it got the checkerboard pattern on it.
      It wasn’t a big snafu, but still a pain.

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