The First Post of 2012

Sorry it’s been so long folks.
Between graduation, moving, and the holidays, I really haven’t worked on much.
Don’t worry, that’s only temporary.
I do have an update for you though.

Do you remember this post?
(If you don’t, that’s okay. you should click the link anyway so you know what I’m talking about)
Anyway, this was a logo/in-store sign I had designed for a store in the Southside of Pittsburgh.
Here is the design and the finished sign.
The store itself is very cool. They buy, sell, trade, and repair new and used electronics and media.
They even do phone plans and bill payments. Check them out.
1506 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Also, do you remember this post?
(Seriously, just take a look and catch up with the rest of the class)
In this post, I showed a couple tattoos I designed for clients.
Well, 2 of those clients sent me shots of their tattoos once they got them..
One of the clients had me design a 2nd one for him, and he got it tattooed the same night!
The other one had some issues and was a bit bland. This one ended up getting heavily modified by the tattoo artist and it came out great. Take a look!

Aright, well that sums it up for me.
Hope all is well and keep an eye out for more stuff.


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