Feb-You-Where-E update

Hello again ladies and gents.

I apologize again for the dry spot, but things are still quite busy.
Even when I am not working on something, I am usually thinking about new projects, how I can make old ones better, and improvement in general.

One idea I have been playing around with is reshaping my website.
(yes, again)
A friend of mine has a pretty clean and simple setup that looks nice and works well.
I have been getting a little feedback about the tabs along the top of my site and how they are a little difficult to navigate unless you hover over them just right.
Its a minor thing, but I would rather not risk it upsetting an employer or being the reason I get turned down.

So keep an out out for that soon!

In other news, I recently worked on an art test for a company in PA as part of my interview process.
They create custom indoor and outdoor furniture.
This is their main page.

One of the features that their website offers is interchangeable previews of their custom products.
To see more specifically what I’m taking about, check out the link here.
Play around with it and change some of the features. Its pretty cool.

For my art test I had to create a Belle Roof Elongated Hexagon Gazebo.
It had to be to scale and made in layers (roof, floor, pillars, etc.)
After it was modeled, unwrapped, and textured, it had to be rendered out and composite believably into a 2d background
This is what I created. It took me about 6 hours from start to finish with a lunch and shower break in between.
I am pretty pleased with the speed and quality and will only get faster and better as I go.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed, so I guess we will just have to see.
Wish me luck!


p.s. I am also in the process of separating my professional videos from my personal ones. In this process I made a new (shorter) demo reel for 2011.  check it out here:


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