March into April. (and then apologize because April is a very nice lady and it is rude to just march into people)

Well, it has been a while so this is just me popping it to say hello.
Things here have been super busy.
I will be having a lot more free time here soon and you know what that means…

That’s right, more time spent here.

At this point, I am done re-arranging my site.
I am pleased with the layout and the organization.
Its simple, clean, and easy to follow.

However, it is a little light still. Which is going to be resolved here once my schedule opens up.

I have also finished uploading my videos to my vimeo account. (you can view it here)

Both sites are mainly just student work.
As I produce more professional works and high quality ones, the older ones will get swapped out.

And just so you have something pretty to look at, here is another tattoo I designed for a client recently.


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