Press Start to Resume

Sorry about the phonetic pun, but come on.
I’m a game artist… it was too good to pass up.


That’s right folks. I just made some minor improvements to my own and wanted to talk to you about them shortly.
For those of you who didn’t see the old one, I’ll give you the cliff notes: It was long and dry.
It spent most of its space advertising the kind of person I am.
Not that that is not important, but when an employer is going through hundreds, there is a lot of the same stuff.
The are not hiring you to be funny or cute.
You don’t have to list the fact that you are on time and have good attendance. If you cant do those things you will be fired.

I wont beat a dead horse. There are thousands of articles online of “THE IDEAL RESUME.”
All you really need to consider is this:
Employers have a problem. If your resume has stuff on it that does not solve their problem, lose it!
Enough of that.

You can creep on over to my main page to see that my PDF was replaced with a DOC.
“Why?” may ask?
The answer is simple…


The easier it is for an employer to get to my portfolio, then great.
I have talked to a lot of them that don’t even look at resumes.

Food for thought.
Chew thoroughly.

Enjoy this little PNG I made :]


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