Boss Level Cheat Codes

That’s not just another gaming pun ladies and gentlemen,
This post is about how to ensure a win at your next interview… Let’s begin!


At this point, if you’ve snagged yourself an interview, congrats!
That is a good sign that they are at least interested in hiring you for this position.
They have already invested the time to look at your work and/or your portfolio.
So the trick now is to find out what they need and SEAL THE DEAL.
Convince them that you are the right candidate for this job.

ROUND ONE… Do your homework!
Research the company and the position to find out exactly what is is that you will be doing. Familiarize yourself with their website. What some of their past projects have been. What are they working on now?  Where are they located? Who do they work with? Who will you be working for? What are they working on right now? What do they plan on working for in the future? How can you contribute? The list goes on and on. If they ask if you have been to their site, and you answer no… you’re going to have a bad time.

The more ammo you have, the better your chances of success.

ROUND TWO… Using your scroll of wisdom!

As you educate yourself about the company, you should be taking notes so you do not forget. This should be a hand written page, not typed.  This is important because you will be writing on it and using this same sheet during the interview process to take notes.

That’s right, you will have this sheet with you and you will be writing on it during the interview. As the employer continues through the interview, scribble down anything that catches your interest. Things that are important and that fit your strengths should also make this list. Do not worry or feel embarrassed about using your cheat sheet. It is an asset. Most of the time, they will not say anything about it. However, they might ask you what it is you are doing. Simply tell them,

“This is my cheat sheet!”

Feel free to show it to them too! This will show them how prepared and dedicated you are. If you are that serious about the interview, it would only be safe to assume you will be the same as an employee.

ROUND THREE… Five Hit Combo Bonus!

Another key to write down, are five to ten questions you want to ask them during the interview.  If you get one shot to ask a question, make sure it is this one:

“What would this positions duties and responsibilities be?”

Again, this provides you an opportunity to find out exactly what it is that the employer is looking for. The more you can get them to talk, the more you can gear your responses to fit exactly what they are looking for. DO NOT LIE!!! Make sure you addressing their needs, but you do not want to lie.  They will find out, and you will regret it.

Once the interview is done, always thank them for their time. Chances are you are not the only interview that day and their time is precious. Even if you were the lone interviewee for that day, you are still delaying their normal progress. As soon as you get home, send a thank you letter. Email is of course the fastest. Thank them for their time AGAIN and try to hit on points addressed in the interview.

This step is CRUCIAL! I have applied for jobs with filled positions and STILL got the job because of the thank you letter. Reminding them who you are, why you are a good fit, and just being genuine can make a world of difference.

ROUND FIVE… the secret to success!
This tip is BY FAR the most important. If you only take one tip with you from this post, it should be this one.

In all caps, write the following at the top of your page:

Although this is listed last, it is something you should do before the interview.
I just wrote it last becuase I want it to be the last thing you read.
If you have a good time, so will they. No one wants to hire the bumbling idiot stuttering, shaking, and sweating.


Although, I cannot guarantee that these tricks will work for you, they have proven to be helpful. I only hope these assist you in your search.
Good Luck and Have Fun!



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