Happy Merry Unbirthday To Me!

Happy belated birthday to shawngorey.com
Although My first post was july 27th 2011, my site was still “shawngorey.wordpress.com”
Buuuuuuuuuuuut, shortly after it became “shawngorey.com”

Since then, my site has been viewed 4,581 times!!!
My busiest month was December, when i had 718 views!!
The busiest day was 200 of which were in a single day!
On my busiest day, was September 5th.
I happened to post a lot of 2d interface work that day.
The two most viewed were Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell main screen.

It was just brought to my attention that it had officially been a whole year since the switch.
(and by that i mean that the charged just sowed up on my bank statement again)
Haha. just kidding, but really. This site has been running longer than most of my past relationships.
(and required less maintenance too!)
Haha, just kidding. Last joke, I swear.

Seriously tho,
Thank you to everybody who has been following along. I will still produce some goodies and keep populating this site.

Much love,
-Shawn Gorey


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