Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock…

Well, here we are! Less than a week left for Extra Lifers the world over make their voices heard as advocates and heroes for more than 17 million children at 170 CMN Hospitals in North America, and partner Extra Life partners around the world.

Take a look at your calendar right now. We are close!

There isn’t a moment to lose, friends. This Saturday we will celebrate together and have a blast.

But right now, sick and injured local kiddos are looking to us to finish what we’ve started.


Please KNOW that we are now up against the clock.

If have already raised $250 dollars! However, that is only 13% of my $2,000 goal.
Don’t let me fall short. This money goes to the kids. Even if you do no plan on participating in the event, DONATE.
I am doing both. I need your support, and so do they.

Even if it is a dollar. It costs less that a tank of gas at the advanced level than it does to help the children.

In less than a week, we play. Right now we fight For The Kids.


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