It’s Crunch Time!

In less than 24 hours, the Extra Lifers take to the virtual battlefield in a fight for more than 17 million children at 170 CMN Hospitals in North America, and partner Extra Life partners around the world.

I cannot do this alone.
I need YOUR help!

There isn’t a moment to lose.
This Saturday we will celebrate together and have a blast.
But right now, sick and injured local kiddos are looking to us to finish what we’ve started.


Please KNOW that we are up against the clock.

I have already raised $392 dollars!
That is about 20% of my $2,000 goal.

As of right now:
My team rank is 1/7
My rank of all 14065 participants is 687
I have received 10 donations, $100 being the largest and $39.20 being the average.

All together, my team has raised $467 and we are not stopping there.

Don’t let us fall short. This money goes to the kids. Even if you do not plan on participating in the event, DONATE.
I am doing both. I need your support, and so do the kids.

Even if it is a dollar!
It costs less that a tank of gas at the advanced level than it does to help the children.

Tomorrow, we play. Right now we fight For The Kids.

I will be broadcasting my gameplay on my Ustream account.
Fell free to watch me kick some butt by clicking here:

To view my page and support me, go here:


Thank you so much to all who have donated.
Hope to see you out there!



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