Veni Vidi Vici!

It has officially been a week since the 2013 Warrior Dash and I am officially able to walk without limping.
The day of, I was fine. The day after… it felt like i was hit by a truck (with no brakes.)
It was a total blast. Absolutely worth it. I plan on doing it again this year.
It was 5k (3.2 miles.) The kicker was that it was almost all uphill.
The event took place at a ski resort, so you can imagine some of these hills we had to traverse.
Going down was even a challenge because you couldn’t really stop yourself.
Just a lot of scary momentum.

The obstacles were awesome. We climbed barriers, hopped 5 and 30 foot walls, went down mud slides, got blasted by a fire-hose, fought through heavy rain, army crawled through barbed wire, ran through trenches, rope climbed, fought through chain bridges, and jumped over fire. (just to name a few)

There were over 6,000 participants at this location just that day!
Ages were ranging from 13 to 66 years old!
Can you believe that?!?!

Overall, the whole thing took me 1:08:29.00 to complete.
That is an average pace of 19:01/Mile.
I was running with a group of my buddies, so we weren’t exactly racing.
A lot of the time we walked and made sure we didn’t lose anyone.
Some guy ran the whole event in under 19 minutes (he was 52!)
That’s a pace of 5:14/Mile!


St. Jude Warriors for Ohio 1 raised $19,752 that day!! That’s amazing!
This event has also been going on all across the nation.
As of today, we’ve raised $116,016.11!
It still going on, and as I mentioned above, I plan on doing it again.

Huge Huge Huge thank you to those who donated!

I was totally whooped afterward, but it was so worth it.

Here are a couple pictures of the event.
Stay tuned for info on the next event.


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