Hey Everybody!
I wanted to take a moment and post an update on a few things…

1. The 2013 Ohio II Warrior Dash is less than a month away!!
That being said, I am still collection donations and need YOUR help in order to reach my fundraising goal and help the children of St. Judes.
To do so, go here: www.stjudewarriors.org/gorey2

To find out more about the event as a whole… check out my previous post here:

Which brings me to my next point, number 2.
Guess who just got another donation for said event?!?!
(I’ll give you a hint: He published this website and is participating in the previously mentioned event)
That’s right, it was me!
A big thank you to the generous donor!!
(You know who you are ;))

Lastly, number 3.
I was checking out some of my site statistics and wanted to share them with you.
As of riiiiiight NOW, shawngorey.com has received over 6,147 views!
I have published exactly 70 posts, and this one you are reading RIGHT NOW marks number 71!
This site has been viewed all across the globe.
Can you believe that?!
Here is heat map of the countries and views just this last year.
I just think that is too cool.

I wanted to thank everybody for their support and for taking the time to poke around here.
I honestly cannot believe that this page has received response that it has.
My goal is to continue to populate and update new work, tutorials, time-lapses, events, and other content regularly.
Thank you to everybody again!
Take care, I will see you next time 🙂



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