9 days, 16 hours, 27 minutes, and 34 seconds…

…until the 2013 Ohio II Warrior Dash.
(give or take depending on how long it took me to finish this post)

That’s right, just over a week left until the big day.
What does that me for you?!
Simple, it means your window of opportunity is closing fast.
I do not know how long, if at all, St. Judes will be accepting donations after the event, but I honestly wouldn’t risk it.

I literally JUST received another donation to being the total raised so far to $110!
Thank you very much generous donor!
That’s awesome!
In fact, any donations made beyond my initial sign up costs are great.
However, that is only just over 10% of my goal to raise $1,000!
That being said, I need your help to reach it and help the kids of St. Judes.
If you have not donated yet, PLEASE do!
It can be as little as a dollar and is a huge help to these kids.
It’s super simple too. I did it in less than a minute by going here:
If you don’t have a credit card or do not want to donate online, contact me directly at shawngorey@gmail.com and we can work something out.

If you HAVE already donated, your job is not done yet!
Help me by spreading the word and share this event to everybody you know.
You never know what it could lead to.
This time next year, your crazy best friend might drag you into this same event and you can be running through the mus right next to me.

Did you know?

  • $250 could help provide two chest X-rays
  • $500 could help provide domestic airfare for a member of a St. Jude patient’s family
  • $1,000 could help provide one day of chemotherapy for a leukemia patient

It is time to show off you inner warrior. Make a difference. Donate. Share. Like. Favorite. Forward. Retweet. Whatever. Take action! Do something!
Until next time guys!



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