The Race Is Run And The Dash Is Done!

Hello Everybody,

The 2013 Ohio II Warrior Dash is officially behind us and…


The Warriors raised over $110,322 for the kids of St. Jude Children’s Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!

Unbelievable!!! A thousand thank yous to everyone who donated. I really cannot say thank you enough.
If you didn’t get a chance to donate before the event, you still have a chance.
St. Jude is still accepting donations throughout the rest of the week, so HURRY!
To make a donation, go to : or click HERE!

As for the race results, our final time was 43:20.30!
That puts the split pace at 13:43/Mile 😀
The race itself was a total blast and we smoked our times from the last Warrior Dash.
There were some of the same obstacles as before and some new ones as well.

Here is a list of the obstacles and description to give you a better understanding.

  • Barricade Breakdown (Series of walls with overs, unders, and angles)
  • Capsized Catamaran (Floating docks with attached cargo net in the middle)
  • Teetering Traverse (Seesaw like balance walkways with two walls in the middle over shallow water)
  • Trenches (Crawl through single lane trenches)
  • Warrior Roast (Fire leap)
  • Cargo Climb (Huge A-frame with cargo nets)
  • Muddy Mayhem (Huge mud pit before finish line)
  • Viscous Valleys (Up and down valleys with net climb at beginning and end)
  • Hard Rain (Climb over A-frame obstacle with water shooting down)
  • Iron Crossing (Vertical cargo net wall)
  • Storming Normandy (Crawl under barbed wire with X bracing and net)
  • Road Rage (Run over cars and tires)

I cannot express how much fun it was, barbed wire snags and sunburn including.
They are already accepting registration for 2014, so get ready!

Thank you all again for your donations. Here are some shots from the day.


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