Portrait Drawing: Grandpa Gorey

What is going on Ladies and Gentlemen?

The 11th of September is my late Grandfather’s birthday. He passed away of cancer just before I graduated high school. My Grandma is 81 and still carries a photo of him around with her everywhere she goes.

Recently due to her health, she had to move out of the home they lived in together and has been really down lately.

My Aunt, who has let my Grandma stay with her, found that photo and sent it to me. I look a lot like him and they tell me it often. I wanted to recreate it with an illustration for her and for him. Because I look just like him, I guess you could say this is a self-portrait.

This illustration took just over 2.5 hours, which is longer than normal, but I wanted to do a good job and not make him look like a cartoon character. I am pretty happy with the results. It is not an exact likeness, but I think my Grandma will like it. I miss this guy like crazy and wear his dog-tags almost everyday.

That’s all for now. I’ll see you next time.

Portrait Drawing: Grandpa Gorey


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