Patching things up with the Police

Freelance Graphic Design has been something I’ve done quite regularly since I was 15. Usually, the projects aren’t anything to write home about. However, I was contacted a few moths ago about a new project that was a little outside my norm and turned out to be rather cool.

The Officers over at the Metro Health Hospital Department of Public Safety were in need of a new patch design. They were all brainstorming together and submitting their concepts when I was approached about the project. This was kind of a unique situation because it wasn’t a sure thing, and by that I mean they could have gone with absolutely anyone’s design. That being said, I wanted to give it an honest try anyway. The Officer ,and good buddy of mine, who approached me initially had sent a list of things they had basically been looking for as well as some surprisingly good sketches they came up with. (I say ‘surprisingly good’ not because I have doubts in his ability to draw, but because normally when someone provides reference sketches, they look like cave drawings.) From there, we were able to produce our first design.

After showing his Chief, we started volleying back and fourth with revisions. Edits included everything from background elements and composition to the overall shape of the patch itself, eventually we reached a design we believed met everyone’s needs as well as reflected their department well. It’s shape was actually influenced by the bade shape of the NYPD. Although we had already gone back and forth a few times, that didn’t mean for sure they would choose my work. There might have been submissions from others as well as the possibility of their previous patch designer to step in. And then I didn’t heard for a few months. Until just this week my buddy reached out to me again saying he had something to show me.

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Sure enough, not only had they decided to use the design we created together, but he had a final-produced version of the patch just for me. The icing on the cake was a brand new Tactical Auto Rescue Switch Blade that was also embedded with our new patch. How cool is that?

Final Products

This project took a long time but was totally worth it. Designing things for websites and digital use is fun, but it is not everyday when something goes from just an idea, to a 2D sketch, to a digital mock-up, then to a final real-life object. Hopefully you all enjoy these designs here and here only. I say that because if you see them in the real world you are either in the Hospital or about to be in trouble.  I’d like to give a special shout out and thank you to the Officer who reached out to me. Thank you all for stopping by, I’ll see you next time!



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