4 Birds, 1 Stone

Getting Adobe Certified has been on my career wishlist since I was 15. It had only just recently become more of a priority for myself. Without telling anyone I started to study, train, and test for the Photoshop Exam since it is the one program I use almost every day.

Anyone who uses Photoshop or any of the other Adobe programs knows that there is usually more than one way to do something. For example: In Photoshop, Deleting can be done with the delete key, the backspace key, using one of the eraser tools, or even selecting Edit>Clear. These exams have a very specific response you need to answer in order to get the questions correct. They aren’t just true/false scantron or bubble sheet questions either. They are interactive pick 1, pick 2, pick 3, drag and drops, and even full-blown simulations of the programs themselves. Oh yeah, and they are timed too. On my first attempt at the Practice Photoshop Exam, I failed with a score of 60%.

I continued to study, practice, and train until my average score was 97.5% because in order to take the Official Certification Exams, it’s $180 and if you do not pass, you have to wait 5 business days before you can take them again. I don’t know if you have to pay again too or not, that would really suck. This is also why I only wanted to stick with just Photoshop.

Fast forward to exam day, today. Although I had done well on the Practices, there was no telling how well I would perform on the actual Exam. I sat down, took the Photoshop Exam, and sure enough, scored a 96%! Mission accomplished.

The plan from here was to go home, study, train, and test for the next program that I wanted certification for until I was ready for the real Exam in a few weeks or so.

This was when the test proctor asks me if I wanted to take the Exam for Adobe Illustrator while I was there. Mind you, I am super comfortable Photoshop and still failed on my first practice try. This would be for a program that I use pretty rarely and would not have been a Practice Exam, but the real deal. Reluctantly I agree and jump in. It is hard. Once reaching the end and hitting submit, it displays the result . . . another pass! I can breathe again.

Supper happy I inform the proctor and get ready to leave. Again, the proctor asked me if I wanted to test for Adobe InDesign, a program that I have not used since high school. I don’t know why but said yes.

I thought the Illustrator Exam was tough, dear lord this one for InDesign practically killed me. After a while, I’ve got 20 minutes to go and 20 questions left with some pretty involved technical scenarios to do. Not feeling super confident. Before I knew it, there were only 4 questions left, with 30 seconds to answer them. I blazed through and hit submit like I was diffusing a bomb. The page brings up the results: Passed!
I couldn’t believe it, 3 for 3!

What started as an attempt to earn 1 Certification turned into a struggle that claimed 3. I am so incredibly proud of myself and humbled to officially be an Adobe Certified Associate in Print & Digital Publication, in Graphic Design & Illustration, and in Visual Design. On top of that, earning these 3 certifications earns you a 4th, for the title of Adobe Certified Associate Visual Design Specialist! The goal now is to keep moving forward and go from an Adobe Certified Associate to an Adobe Certified Expert.

If you are even remotely thinking about getting your Adobe Certification, do it! You can find out more info on them here: https://training.adobe.com/certification/exams.html…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am trying to figure out how to get down from this cloud I’m on.


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